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We have recently launched our new rental platform, that provides a FREE option for you to list your rental property to get more exposure, and also provides you with everything that you may need for the duration of the lease.
We provide a virtual platform to manage all your viewing appointments and rental offers without having to take or return any calls, a free simplified credit score check with references up front, a customizable lease template to protect you, we collect first and last months rent for you, a move in/move out form with instructions to protect you and your asset, a FAQ section summarizing what you and your tenant can and can’t do based on the Tenancy Act, over 40 landlord forms (Eviction and rent increase forms) and much more.

We also help eliminate time wasters like the ones that come from various basic property listing and buy and sell websites that reply to 30 plus rental listings and can’t even remember which ones they replied to. We have built our system in a very strategic manor. If someone wants to book a viewing to see your property, first they have to go to the detailed listing that answers about 95% of questions and provides most the details about the property, to the point that it is much less likely that someone will ever show up to see your property where the property does not meet their criteria. We also ask the potential tenants to create accounts and submit viewing requests that then get tracked and saved within their account with your property details. This forces the potential tenants to perform work, and time wasters do not go out of their way to perform work. This also shows that someone can follow instructions from the get go. So by the time a viewing request gets sent to you for a response, the potential tenant will be much further along than one responding from a basic property listing website or a buy and sell website.
We simplify and provide everything through the entire process from listing a property until your tenant moves out.
In order to spread the word, as part of our product launch we are cutting our fees in half so that you can try our services, and let us know what you think. There is absolutely no commitment or risk to trying us. Only if, we deliver a tenant that you approve based on references and a credit check, and your tenant signs a lease, and we collect First and Last months rent from your tenant, and your tenant moves in, then we charge a small one time admin fee equal to 25% of one months rent as part of our launch promotion.
List your properties for FREE, and give us a try today!
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