Eliminate time wasting potential tenants!

Did you know that leaseourhouse.com helps eliminate time wasters and professional tenants?


Yes you read that correctly! We know how valuable your time is and there is nothing worse than those people that click the one button replies and respond to 50 plus rental ads and then can’t even remember what properties they responded to.

You post your property on a buy and sell site and you get lot’s of replies, so you get excited that your property will rent quickly. You start to go through all the replies and realize that almost all of them say a variation of the exact same thing, “is this still available”. That infamous one button auto reply. You respond to all the replies and you get a few messages back from potential tenants asking, what property this was for? I almost always cringe when I see these replies. Then you get a few replies that sound good and you set viewing appointments, and the potential tenants either don’t show up or they do, and they tell you that your property is not what they were looking for. We have all gone through a variation of this! Yes you can screen every single person and interview them to see if the property actually meets your criteria before scheduling a viewing, but then you waste more of your time and end up with next to no showings? Hard trade off right? These are just a few of the problems, my peers and I have faced over the years as landlords.

Here are few of the things that we have built into leaseourhouse.com, to help eliminate these problems using psychology and human behavioral patterns.

  • Tenants that are interested in a property, have to go to a detailed property listing on our website.
  • We ensure that property listings on leaseourhosue.com are complete and paint the entire picture for a potential tenant, leaving very minimal questions unanswered after seeing a properties listing.
  • Tenants can’t click one button replies on our website, they have to create accounts with their personal information before they can even submit a viewing request and/or respond.
  • In order to see a property, a potential tenant has to submit a viewing request via their account on the leaseourhouse.com system, that then gets tracked.

So what does this mean and how does this eliminate time wasters?

  1. We always find that people put their best foot forward and if someone can’t follow the simple instructions up front, it raises a red flag in terms of being a good tenant.
  2. It shows us that a potential tenant is willing to do work to create an account with their personal info and to submit a viewing request for a set time and a set date, if they want to see your property. Time wasters are not willing to do all the work for a simple viewing request, they want the one button replies and an address.
  3. Genuinely interested potential tenants are willing to do these steps.
    It is a lot less likely that you will ever get a viewing request and have someone come to see your property if it does not meet their criteria, as they have had to go to the full property listing with all of your properties details in order to submit the property viewing.
  4. Tenants are informed upfront in the property listing that they will be required to perform a credit check through our system. This eliminates the option for a tenant to supply you with a great looking fake photo shop credit check.

A lot of professional tenants and time wasters will not use our systems because of the above items. When you get a viewing request through leaseourhouse.com, that potential tenant is already 100x further ahead than any other lead you will get. When a viewing request is scheduled, the system still provides you with the potential tenants phone number in case you want to text or call then before you drive a distance to show the property and/or ask a few more questions. The great thing is that the appointments get tracked in the system and you can even set appointment reminders.

At the end of the day, no one can ever eliminate 100% of the time wasters and professional tenants, but we can definitely put our best foot forward and take the necessary steps to eliminate as many of the time wasters and professional tenants as possible.

Let leaseourhouse.com help you put your best foot forward! Your time is valuable, so let’s start treating it that way.

www.leaseourhouse.com – the evolution of home rentals!

Marcin Zalewski – President/Founder