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 is always a FREE service to tenants.
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            How does work for Landlords, Property Owners, Realtors and Property Managers?

   is a complete one stop, easy to use online property rental tool that helps you find better tenants and makes the entire rental process as simple as booking a hotel room online.

            There are a lot of online rental sites where you can list your properties for rent, but all they offer is a basic ad placement. We often refer to these other sites as basic introduction platforms. You create a rental ad, which a lot of the time you get charged for upfront with no guarantee of results. If it's a free listing site, your listing gets lost in a long list of other properties and endless advertising, unless you regularly pay to bump your ad. As you probably know, most of these other sites make their money off advertising and not helping you find great tenants, so they are built to be good at advertising to you and not much more. The majority of the people that respond to your ads on these other sites tend to be time wasters that click the standard "one button" replies, respond to 50 plus rental ads and then can't even remember what properties they actually responded to.

            Ok so what makes us different...

            First off, you will notice that there is absolutely no annoying advertising on, not for you or your potential tenants. We are here to help you rent your property to a great tenant and that is our one and only focus. We also recognize that your time is extremely valuable, so we have designed with that sole purpose in mind.

            You can place listings for your rental properties on for FREE, with absolutely no upfront fees, no exclusivity and no commitments. As soon as your property is posted on, our team will even run a specialized social media campaign for your specific property FREE of charge, to help generate more traffic to your specific property listing.

            When you list your property on, it is a full property listing that answers about 95% of any questions that any potential tenant may have and it only takes about 10 minutes on average to place, using our simple step by step guide.

            Property showing requests that come through are already 10 steps further ahead of any lead that you will get from anywhere else. This is because the systems are designed to filter out time wasters and professional tenants, by using psychology and human behavioral patterns built into our processes.

            Tenants that are interested in your property, have to view your full property listing with all your property details. Tenants cannot click one button replies on like they do everywhere else, "I'm interested in your property", or "Is this still available". Potential tenants actually have to create full accounts with their personal information before they can even submit a viewing request and/or respond to your listing. We don't allow tenant accounts to be created with a simple email address and password, like everyone else.

            So what does this mean and how does this eliminate time wasters?

            It shows us that a potential tenant is willing to do work and follow instructions from the get go, to create an account on our system with their personal info and then submit a viewing request for a set time and a set date, that then gets tracked in our systems. Time wasters do not follow instructions well and are not willing to do all this work for a simple viewing request. They want the one button replies without providing any of their personal information. Genuinely interested potential tenants, are willing to take these steps. We always find that people put their best foot forward and if someone can't follow simple instructions up front, it raises a red flag in terms of being a good tenant later on.

            It is very unlikely that you will ever get a viewing request from and have someone come to see your property if it does not meet their rental criteria, as they have had to go through your full property listing with all of your properties details, reference requirements, Credit Check requirements, in order to submit the viewing request in the first place.

            Tenants are also informed upfront in the property listings, that credit checks will be performed through our systems. We find this turns a lot of the wrong potential tenants away. (All of our credit checks are done through our credit partner Transunion). This also eliminates the option for a tenant to supply you with a great looking phony credit check.

            Our systems have been specifically created to filter out most the professional tenants and time wasters through our sophisticated processes. When you do get a viewing request through, that potential tenant is already 10x further ahead than any other lead you will get anywhere, meaning you will not need to do as many showings as you would otherwise. We are always thinking about you and your valuable time.

            When a viewing request is accepted and scheduled, the system still provides you with the potential tenants name and phone number in case you want to text or call before you drive a distance to show the property, and/or ask a few more screening questions. The great thing is that the appointments get tracked in the system and you can even set appointment reminders. With, there is no need to play phone tag with potential tenants, as you simply respond to viewing requests with an "Accept", "Decline", or "Change Date/Time".

            We follow up with all potential tenants after showings, and provide detailed rental offer/application instructions. If a potential tenant comes to see your property and they like it, they then submit a rental offer directly to you through the system. All rental offers that are submitted to you through, come with all the tenants info upfront; full names of all people that will be living at the property, a move in date, rental amount, all references for people signing the lease that you indicated as mandatory when listing the property, as well as a simplified Transunion credit check. We even provide you with a guide on how to check references properly, with little tips and tricks that you can use to get the most value out of the provided references. Tenants are also notified that they will need to submit any required income details to you, including any paystubs, employments letters, etc.

            All your showing requests and rental offers come instantaneously and directly from the potential tenants, and not a third party, so you control your own rental process. You can see where you are in the rental process and what's next with our detailed "What's Next" section and the "Notifications" that provide you with detailed instructions as you go.

            If you choose to accept a rental offer from a potential tenant that came through, the system then provides you with a fully populated lease customized to your property based on the information you provided when listing the property, with a slew of conditions that we have already added to protect you. When listing the property you also have the ability to add property specific professionally written clauses to the lease, from a set of simple "yes" or "no" questions, and/or you also have the ability to add in your own custom lease clauses. (Standard Government imposed lease in Ontario, Canada already incorporated) We get your lease digitally signed, we collect first and last months rent from the tenant and we even provide you with a proper move in/out rental property condition inspection form with instructions, so that you can document the condition of the property at time of move in and have the tenant sign off on it.

            The great part about using is that there is no exclusivity and/or commitments with us. What that means is, you are free to use any other service/website at the same time as and if you find your own tenant and/or decide to go in a different direction, then there are "no fees". In these situations, we simply ask that you take your listing down. In essence, we do not get paid unless we deliver value, which aligns our interests with yours.

            If you do approve and choose to go with a tenant that came through, we simply charge you a small one time fee of 25% of the first months rent, that's it. We are a very cost effective rental service when compared to other rental options that charge you at least one full month's worth of rent, and we provide you with much more value.

            We offer a few optional services like monthly rent collection, where we can collect and deposit your monthly rent directly into your back account each month.

            We also provide you with a simple "Manage my Rental" section where you can always access a copy of your lease, applicable rent receipts, your tenants contact info, landlord forms, and much more.

   is changing how properties are rented. We help you find better tenants, we help you save time, we help you protect yourself, your property and we simplify the entire process.

   was designed so that the entire rental process can be done directly from your favorite mobile device, tablet or computer. You can download our mobile applications from your favorite app store, which are optimized for mobile use. (Search leaseourhouse). Notifications that come to you from are either submitted via email and/or via live notifications to your mobile device, if the mobile applications have been setup

   - the evolution of home rentals

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