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 is always a FREE service to tenants.
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            How does work for Tenants?

   is a complete one stop, easy to use online property rental tool that makes the entire rental process as simple as booking a hotel room online. is always 100% FREE for tenants to use!

            First off, you will notice that there is absolutely no annoying advertising on We are here to help you find a great rental property and that is our one and only focus.

            You can search through lot's of great rental properties on, but here is a list of what really differentiates from everyone else...

   is the only company that actually does anything for tenants and looks out for tenants interests.

            Our rental listings are complete listings with all the property details provided for your reference. We not only provide the basic info like the amount of bedrooms and bathrooms, but we also provide you with all the other important property details like the square footage of the property, the age of the home, a map of where it is located, the rent, what utilities are included and not included with the rent, what percentage of utilities you are responsible for, the lease term the owner is looking for, when the property is available as of, if it is furnished or not, how many stories is it, type of parking, number of parking spaces, what appliances are included, property features, times that the property is available for showings, and much, much more!

            We believe in full transparency. You can actually view a copy of the full lease agreement with any lease conditions that have been added, before you even request to see a property. All of the landlords on are required to use the standard lease agreements that have been provided by, and not one sided ones that they have created themselves (Standard Government imposed lease in Ontario, Canada). Our property listings even show you ahead of time, what references the home owner has requested and if they require a credit check or not. You only provide references that you are able to provide and all credit checks are done through Transunion and good for all properties on Simply put, if you submit a rental offer for a property that requires a credit check and your offer does not get accepted for any reason, you will not be required to get another credit check for other properties on, that you submit rental offers for.

            Our listing are all up to date, available and also show when they were last verified by the landlords. If the property listings are not verified as being available within a set time period, they are automatically removed from our site. There is nothing more annoying than finding a great rental property, only to find out it is no longer available.

            Some home providers on even give tenants exclusive discounts off the payment of first and last months rent, which they do not offer anywhere else. These discounts can be quite large and are indicated in red boxes in the property listings.

            Save your property searches and mark your favorite properties for easy reference later on. You can request your own property showings and submit your own rental offers directly through your account. All your showing requests and rental offers go directly to the landlords and not a third party, so you control your own rental process.

            Sign copies of your lease online and see where you are in the rental process and what's next with our detailed "What's Next" section and the "Notifications" that provide you with detailed instructions as you go.

            We look out for your best interests throughout the entire rental process and even help protect you against potential rental scams. We provide you and the landlord with a detailed move in/out rental property condition inspection form to document the condition of the property, so that any damages beyond regular wear and tear that were there prior to your move in, are well documented. We even collect your first and last months rent and hold onto it until you acknowledge that you have received the keys to your rental property, before we release it to the landlord.

            We give you an option to pay for your first and last months rent with your favorite credit card, so that you can earn your favorite rewards points.

            We also provide you with a simple "Manage my Rental" section where you can always access a copy of your lease, applicable rent receipts, your landlords contact info, Tenant forms, and much more.

            We even help you save money by giving you access to exclusive savings coupons for things that you will actually need when moving to a new property, like 15% off packing supplies through one of our partners.

   is changing how properties are rented. We help you to protect yourself, we help you save money and we simplify the entire process with full transparency.

            Why would you go anywhere else to rent a property?

   was designed so that the entire rental process can be done directly from your favorite mobile device, tablet or computer. You can download our mobile applications from your favorite app store, which are optimized for mobile use. (Search leaseourhouse). Notifications that come to you from are either submitted via email and/or via live notifications to your mobile device, if the mobile applications have been setup.

   - the evolution of home rentals.

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