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            We believe in building relationships and helping our clients. Without tenants there would be no rental transactions and we value that. We have engineered a very special program to benefit tenants and save tenants money.

            When you view a property listing, you will notice that every listing has a red square with a dollar amount in it and the word "OFF". This number is the dollar amount that you will save off your first and last months rent deposit if you rent that property. These are exclusive savings that are offered by the home owners, only on

            To make the program even better, LOH allows you to pay for your first and last months rent with your favorite credit card, so that you can collect your favorite credit card rewards.

            We even provide you with exclusive savings on various other service that you may need while moving into your new property. Please check out our “Exclusive Client Coupons” section, to see all the great discount offers you get when you rent a property through

            LOH also does everything to help protect you as a tenant. Read more on Protection.

            Read more on how Simple and Efficient using is.
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