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 is always a FREE service to tenants.
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            • WORKING TOGETHER

              We simplify the entire home rental process and guide you through every step of the way, from placing an online listing to reference checks and home inspections.

            • INFORMATIVE

              We provide you with all the things that no one else does, leases, credit checks, eviction forms, all other Landlord/Tenant forms, first and last months rent collection, ongoing monthly rent collection options, Landlord FAQ's of what you "can" and "can't" do as a Landlord, and it doesn't stop there, these things are available to you for the duration of the lease.

            • FREE LISTING

              Yes your listing is free, we only take a fee if we provide you a tenant that has a credit check and references that you approve, you have a signed lease in hand, and we have collected your first and last months rent, so we only get paid when you do.

            How does this work?

            Create an account and then follow our simple step by step guide to prepare a free online listing that showcases your property to thousands of potential renters, and tells people when your property is available for viewing based on your schedule. You can also download the Mobile Application for free from your app store and do all of this right from your mobile phone. allows people to send you appointment requests to see your property. Once you accept an appointment request, a potential tenant will come to see your property at an agreed time and date. If the potential tenant likes your property they will submit an offer/application to you through with the references that you selected in the listing process along with a Credit Check. We even cover the cost of the Credit Check for you. If you accept the offer, the lease that you helped prepare in the listing process will be made available for signing by both you and the Tenant. Once the lease is signed, we will collect your First and Last months rent from your tenant. We then provide you with instructions on how to do a proper home inspection. Once you provide the keys to the tenant and the tenant acknowledges receipt of the keys, we deposit your First and Last months rent (less our fees), directly into your bank account. Easy as that!

            How much does this Cost?

            The listing is free. We only charge a fee, If we provide you with a tenant that has been approved by you, provided you with a signed lease, collected your first and last months rent from your tenant, and your tenant has received the keys from you to move in. At that point, we charge a fee of 25% of one months rent, that's it! We deduct our fee from the First and Last months rent when the rental transaction is completed and then deposit the remaining First and Last months rent, directly into your bank account. We provide you with a detailed receipt and only get paid on your success, and if you get paid. There are a few paid listing options that you can upgrade to, like a featured listing, but those are optional. We also offer an optional service, where we can collect your monthly rent each month from your tenant, and deposit it directly into your bank account each month to make your life easier. This service is available for a small fee of 3% of the rent, with your tenants permission.

            We also partner with realtors and property managers. If you are a realtor or a property manager, click here to find out more on how LOH can help take the work out of your rental listings at no charge to you.

            What else do I get?

            You also have access an extensive and detailed Landlord & Tenant Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section, based on the Rental Legislation in your Province or State. A lot of landlords are unaware of what they can and cannot do as a landlord or what their tenant can and cannot do in their Province or State, so we help you with that. If you can't find what your looking for in our extensive FAQ section then just submit your question and we will get our experts to help answer your question and then add it to our FAQ section for other landlords to see. We also provide you access to over 40 Landlord forms like various eviction forms, rental increase forms, and many others. We keep you up to date on various rental legislature updates in your Province or State, like allowed rental increases. We also provide you with a "Manage My Rental" section, where you can pull up a copy of your lease, see invoices from your rentals, and even pull up your tenants contact info, All of this is available to you for the duration of the lease. We don't just list your property, we literally help simplify the entire rental process and help you through, all the way to completion. If that's not enough, we have even aligned our interests with you, as we don't get paid, unless you do. Simple isn't it?

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