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            Building a relationship with a landlord takes time. There is nothing more scary to you as a tenant, than handing over first and last months rent to someone that you barely even know. First and last months rent can add up to a lot of your hard earned money. LOH eliminates that fear by collecting your first and last months rent from you, on behalf of the landlord and holding onto it until you authorize LOH to release the money to the landlord. We use one of the major banks and have a special bank account setup for just this purpose.We also return all of your money if the transaction does not go through for any reason. So instead of handing your money over to a landlord that you don't know before you even move in, LOH will hold onto that money for you. The best part is that we do not release the money to the landlord under any circumstances, until you authorize us to do so. When you meet with your landlord to receive the keys to your new rental property, you simply log into your LOH account via your mobile application, tablet and or desktop computer, go to the "What's Next" section of your account and Authorize LOH to release the monies to the landlord. At that moment the Landlord will receive an email/notification from LOH that you have released monies to them.

            LOH also provides you with home inspection forms and instructions, on how to do a proper home inspection with your new landlord.

            LOH provides you with all the Tenant forms that you may need during the term of your lease and a special section that actually tells you what tenants and landlords can and cannot do, based on your geographic location. We got your back!

            Read more on how Simple and Efficient using is.

            LOH also gives you money towards your First and Last months rent. Read more on how We Pay You.

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